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New Orleans, LA


We provide a wide range of hearing services to the City of New Orleans.

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Our Approach to Hearing Healthcare

At Hearing Clinic of Greater New Orleans, we provide a variety of diagnostic services to help you with your hearing health. When you come to see us, we will perform a diagnostic evaluation of your hearing. You will receive your results immediately and we will explain the results of your hearing evaluation in full detail. The hearing evaluation will allow us to diagnose your exact type and degree of hearing loss, so we can find a solution that will help you. All of our patients are seen by a licensed Doctor of Audiology and are given professional care.  

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation

The comprehensive hearing evaluation allows us to diagnose your exact degree of hearing loss. There are three components to our hearing evaluation:

Hearing Aid Services

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Custom Earplugs and Hearing Protection

We offer a variety of custom products to protect your inner ear and hearing, including: