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I love love Michele Spector!!! I called a year ago in a crisis with my hearing aids and she was so helpful that I switched from my previous audiologist to her. She fitted me with a new pair of hearing aids that have worked amazing and fulfill all my needs as a student in nursing school!!! I can always get in to see her and enjoy having her as my audiologist. Thank you so much Michele!!!
Heather H - Hearing Aids

I have been a patient of Dr. Michele Spector for several years and find her to be the best in the city at what she does. I recently upgraded my hearing aids to the new ReSound system. It an excellent update and highly recommend it.
Taylor Walet - Hearing Aids

I, too, have had great experiences with Dr. Michelle Spector. I recently upgraded to the Resound hearing aids. They are the third ones I have tried. My other ones bothered me--i felt them in my ears and my ears actually sweated when they were in; I couldn't stand the sensation, so I didn't wear them. I don't even know when I have the Resound aids on- so I was forgetting to put them in. Thank goodness for my phone, now it reminds me. These aids are GREAT!! Thanks Michelle!
Lydia R. - Hearing Aids

I've lived with hearing loss most of my life and at 42 I was too vain to get hearing aids. After spending time with Dr. Michelle Spector, that all changed. I didn't realize how much I was missing out. I now hear things that I forgot even made noise. Everything makes a noise! The wind blowing in the trees, the birds singing in the morning. These are all things that I had forgotten about. I will always be greatful to Dr. Spector and my new Resound hearing aids, they are so comfortable that I forget they are even in, until I take them out and the silence returns. If you have a hearing loss, don't put it off any longer. They have come such a long way. Many thanks to both Doc Michelle and Dr. Richard Spector, ENT, both of New Orleans, LA.
Jeff MacLain - Hearing Aids

I am a new patient of Dr. Spector. I put off getting hearing aids based on the experiences my friends have had. It finally got to the point when I could not put it off any longer. Dr. Spector tested my hearing and recommended the new Resound aid. Not only has it worked very well and seamlessly but it also is a Bluetooth connection for my I Phone. I unhesitatingly recommend Dr. Spector. And to those who have waited go do it now.
Henry Kinney - Received Hearing Aids